Paul B. Cummings is a Los Angeles based commercial, television and film director who has created spots for such high-profile brands as McDonald’s, Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts,, Burger King, Build-A-Bear, KMart, TiVo and many more.

He is currently one of the regular directors for Adult Swim’s branded team, having directed dozens of spots for the network.

Paul has also Executive Produced and written scripts for Comedy Central, Viceland and Adult Swim, where he served as pilot director. His additional television work includes several episodes of Moon And Me for the BBC/Universal Kids, promos for Rick And Morty, segments for Conan and The Colbert Report and Summer Memories where he serves as creative Executive Producer.

He has also directed several film promos, where he has worked with such talent as Sacha Baron Cohen, Paul Rudd, Jon Hamm, Zac Efron, Key & Peele, Christopher Lloyd, Jaeden Martell, Dominic Monaghan, TJ Miller, Martin Starr and Adam Devine.

Paul got his start with his Webby nominated viral film Tony vs. Paul, which has 7 million views, and his short film Instagramimation, which took home the “Best Animated Film” award at the One Screen Film Festival. His most recent short film is Margot’s Last Meal. You can reach Paul directly through the contact page.